Artichoke Festival: All Things Artichoke and More!

Too many people miss out on one of the most unique and fascinating events in Monterey, California. 

If you’re looking to be treated to an exclusive annual event, but don’t have time for a flight or a long drive, check out Artichoke Festival this July on the 24th.

Artichoke Festival is an annual food and drink festival in commemoration of artichoke as the region’s main agricultural crop. 

The crop is showcased in every possible way, through art, cooking demos, wines, and even artichoke farms. 

But that’s not to say the event is only about artichoke. It also has fun activities like live performances, dances, art, and games.  

You’ll find all the local shops and restaurants right there. There are plenty of family-friendly activities available for kids too, like coloring books, face paintings, balloon animals, and more.

You can check out the artichoke festival menu to see what kinds of foods are served up during the year. 

The offerings change from year to year but artichoke Casserole and artichoke dip are often served. You can browse the festival program for a list of all the food vendors participating in the Artichoke Festival.

Not forgetting, the drinks served up during an artichoke festival are as delicious as the food. The drink menu offers a variety of wine, beer, and other specialty cocktails. 

There is a separate sale bar in the Artichoke Wharf where you can pick up tasty cocktails at a great price.

Artichoke Festival is a one-of-a-kind event that everyone should experience at least once. You don’t have to travel far or pay lots of money to enjoy the fun. Whether with friends and family or alone, you’ll definitely have a great time at the event.

The food is great and the drinks are even better. Come hungry and enjoy the best that Artichoke Festival has to offer.

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