Carmel Bach Festival: Music in Its Diverse Forms

Are you a music lover? Then The Carmel Bach Festival could be just what you need.

Started in 1935, this festival is held annually to celebrate music in its diverse forms and to commemorate the contribution and inspiration of J.S Bach in the evolution of music.

This is a great event to attend, not just to witness the assorted genres of music and the electrifying live performances, but also to get some educational content and inspiration as well. The event usually includes recitals, master classes, lectures, talks, live performances from big-name artists and much more.

The venues of the event are just as diverse as the event. As various activities and genres will be showcased, the venues will also be different. Some will happen in Carmel-by-the-Sea’s beautiful Sunset Theater and other theaters, others will happen in Carmel Mission, the All Saints Church, Carmel Presbyterian Church, and Church in the Forest in Pebble Beach among other historical places.

And as usual, the event will go for two whole weeks, that is from October 23rd to November 5th. That is two weeks of endless fun!

The highlight of the Carmel Bach Festival is usually the chamber concerts which is when you get to listen to the legendary organ works and chamber music of J.S Bach and his contemporaries, the likes of Handel, Vivaldi, Rossini, Haydn, Brahms, Mozart among others.

Whether you just enjoy the beats of music or are in it as a professional, you will not regret attending this festival. Grab your ticket as soon as possible on Carmel Bach Festival’s official ticketing site and get to enjoy music in its most diverse forms.

Want to Get Something To Eat After The Festival?

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