Butterfly Bazaar & Parade: A Commemoration of The Monarch Butterflies

Are you looking for a fun family event to attend this October? Butterfly Bazaar & Parade is happening on the 1st and 2nd of October, and as usual, it never disappoints.

This is usually a super fun and chill event with games and activities for everyone, kids and adults alike.

A little history about the event: it is done in commemoration of what made the Pacific Grove, California, also known as the Butterfly Town, famous. The town is known for sheltering overwintering monarch butterflies.

This is how it got the name. So, whenever it gets to the overwintering season, which is in October, Monarch butterflies appear in the Pacific Grove, and they litter everywhere beautifully, creating a breathtaking and magical view. 

This started way ago when the ancestors of the butterflies needed somewhere conducive to live in to maintain their species. 

Being something that does not happen everywhere else, the people of Pacific Grove turned it into a celebration where people from far and near could come and see the magical view in person.

The tradition has been held to date, and each year it keeps attracting bigger crowds.

You do not want to miss such an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views, rhythmic songs, and endless games.

Oh, and an even more fun thing, there are costumes to be worn by kids. The kindergarten children dress as butterflies, second graders wear otter costumes, third graders as farmers, fourth-graders as pioneers, and fifth graders as clowns.

Not enough still? Well, there is more. During the Butterfly Bazaar, you could walk around and explore the many different exquisite butterfly embroideries and artwork.

You could also get yourself something functional or just a souvenir to remember a great event. 

It’s only fun if you enjoy it, and Butterfly Bazaar & Parade has a lot to offer that will make the day one of a kind. 

Start planning today and get a chance to be part of this beautiful celebration of a beautiful heritage. 

Where to Eat After The Event?

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